more Hibs


more hibs or... the hibs moR

Here are some of the people occasionally perform with the HiBs: 

  1. Dáithí Sproule

The HiBs are honored to have Dáithí Sproule play with them at concerts, weddings and other events. Dáithí’s wonderful guitar playing can be heard on the HiBs CD,  “40 acre notch”, not to mention his own recordings!

  1. Brian Wade

Brian is the HiBs bodhran player from Chicago, and brother to Kate. Brian joins the HiBs for festivals and concerts, or whenever someone makes a special request for a drummer.

  1. Brian Miller

Brian Miller is also a busy man, touring with Bua and the Two Tap Trio, but the HiBs are able to sneak in a few gigs with him as well. Brian is an excellent guitarist and singer.

  1. Martin McHugh

The HiBs are lucky to perform on occasion with the great Martin McHugh, accordion player extraordinary. The HiBs thank Martin for keeping Irish music alive in St Paul, MN, and making it a place for the music to flourish. He's a treasure! Also, Martin can be heard on two tracks of the HiBs CD, “40 acre notch”.