Irish Traditional Music
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The Band
The Band

The core of the HiBs are Kate and Jode Dowling, but we most often play as a trio with Daithi Sproule on guitar and vocals. Brian Wade, on bodhran, will join us for concerts and festivals. But we are opportunistic and take advantage of our friends whenever we can, and have also performed with Brian Miller on guitar, Nina Dowling on vocals, Paul Wehling on bouzouki, Martin McHugh on accordion, Sean Egan on piano, and many others. 

Beyond music performance, Kate and Jode Dowling are also Educators, Adjudicators and Recording Artists.


The HiBs are not just musicians – they are dedicated educators in the field of traditional Irish music. Kate & Jode have taught workshops across North America and in Ireland. The pair founded the Center for Irish Music in 2004 and both are regular teachers at the school which now has over 80 students. Workshops can be designed to fit every need.

Examples of courses offered (tailored to your needs).  Available for all ages and levels.

  • Tin Whistle for Beginners (can be done as a team-building exercise)
  • Irish Flute for Silver Flute Players
  • Irish Fiddle for Violin Players
  • Developing your Irish Traditional Repertoire (for all instruments)
  • Playing with Traditional Rhythm (for all instruments)
  • Singing Sweeties (songs and movement for the wee ones)
  • Direction for Irish Music Ensembles
  • Crash Course in Ceili Band Music (can be with or without instruments)
  • Intro to Irish Step-Dance and Ceili Dance (great at schools!)
  • History of Irish Music
  • Studying Irish Music
  • Specific Instrument Instruction on fiddle, mandolin, flute and tin whistle


Kate & Jode’s expertise and reputation as fine traditional Irish musicians has given them the opportunity to also serve as adjudicators for Irish music competitions. Kate has adjudicated competitions at the Midwest Fleadh Cheoil for duets, trios, tin whistle, flute and ceili band. Kate and Jode also adjudicated the Atlanta Irish Music Competition in 2008, including solo competitions for accordion, bodhran, flute, fiddle, harp, guitar, tin whistle, and group competitions including duets, trios and ceili bands. 

Recording Artists: 40 acre notch

In the 40 Acre Notch, on the west side just southeast of the city, there is kitchen filled with the music of Kate and Jode Dowling. It is a place meant for sharing music with fellow musicians, dancers and discerning convivializers. The heart of the music springs from a relationship dating back to 1992, when Kate and Jode eyes first met across a smoky session. Since 2005, Kate and Jode have been performing as duet or with an assortment of talented friends as the HiBs. Their premiere recording, “40 Acre Notch” captures those moments with a mixture of old favorites and new infatuations.

Exponents of Irish traditional dance music, Kate and Jode were founding members of the Doon Ceili Band and other influential bands. They are co-founders of the Center for Irish Music, an Irish music school that looks to hand down the tradition to the next generation of musicians. Kate and Jode have played in kitchens from Munich to Cork to Tokyo to Belfast and back. Love for Irish dance music, for rhythmically inspiring music, is what shapes the HiBs sound. That same energy will inspire the dancer and listener within you.